Construction Management

A home of one's own fulfills three essential needs:

  1. Shelter

  2. Financial Security

  3. Absorbing Interest

Common Process:

At this stage you would have most likely have purchased your plot or you are living in your home that needs to be remodelled or renovated.

The first mistake clients make is they request a quote from a building contractor to construct their new home and 99% of the time the contractor will compile a quotation for the client within a few days. The method the building contractor will use is to multiply the square meterage of the dwelling by the current building rate set by the major banks in South Africa. The builder will give standard totals or PC amounts for the finishes and this means clients will still have to pay the shortfalls for finishes out of their pockets (read the fine print).

Let us examine some design variables, which can influence the square metre rate adversely:

  • Shape of the building / Function and size of the building / The gradient of the plot or land
  • In the case of a second storey, the type of concrete slab / The design and concept
  • Perimeter to Floor Area Ratio / Design features and finishes.

The perfect method is to compile a BILL OF MATERIALS, this will cost your dwelling in detail. In most cases, the client actually builds the house for less but if the builder under-quotes you will not get your project completed, shortcuts will be taken and a host of problems will start which will cost you more MONEY.

Our process and proven method

JVH specialises in architectural design and construction management.

Our company is equipped with the most advanced software applications which enables us to perform our daily tasks accurately and quicker, which is in turn one of the keys of our success.

Our staff and associates are all experienced either in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), holding relevant qualifications and experience in their relevant industries.

We will compile a bill of materials and cost breakdown from the relevant building project. From preliminary and professional fees, material and labour costs, for a minimal fee.

We have a large database of approved subcontractors within all the industries related to home building which we will utilise on your project to ensure the highest quality and professionalism.

Due to our contacts in the industry we will source all types of building materials from selected suppliers and the discounts will be passed on to the project which will save you MONEY!

  • You will have much more presence on site
  • You will only deal with the construction managers
  • Professional contracts will be compiled which will cover you legally
  • Material and labour discounts will be for the client's benefit
  • Quality assurance and time frames
  • Saving you MONEY

  • Feel free to arrange an appointment

    Let us present our services to you in further detail and show you how our method will benefit you positively.

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